An integral part of our community 


We are a village school and, as such, the school is an integral part of our local community.  We aim to provide our children with:


  • A caring and safe environment so that they can enjoy learning and feel a sense of ownership for their school and the local community.

  • A broad and balanced curriculum, enriched with varied activities and experiences both within the school itself and the wider community.


Active and ongoing involvement by the children with our local community is essential to delivering against both of these aims and which is illustrated by the following examples:


  • Crich Careline is a local befriending service for the elderly.  Each Christmas, the children produce Christmas cards for members – usually about 25.  The school has received ‘phone calls from service users to thank the children for thinking about them.


In April, the children entertained some of the Careline members and volunteers at the Weslyan chapel in Crich.  It was a good, old-fashioned singsong with favourite tunes from the past.


  • The annual MacMillan Coffee Morning was held in the school house in October.  Parents donated cakes and donations for coffee and cake totalled £147.  In the afternoon, the children held their own ‘coffee morning’ and each donated £1.


The Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival took place in the school in October 2016 , with a fantastic range of produce donated by parents and friends of Crich Carr

The proceeds of the sale of produce was donated to Crich Careline. See the poster at the button above to learn how much was raised. 


The Remembrance Day Service


  • Remembrance Day Service:  All the children walked to Crich Stand for the Remembrance Day service on 11 November.  The children joined in the prayers and sang ‘Only Remembered’.  Our Headteacher was presented with a plaque depicting the Sherwood Foresters logo and a glass Sherwood Foresters paperweight – and a tub of sweets!


On the way to The Stand, the school had the privilege of having its own flower barrel, bearing the school’s name, donated by the Worcester Foresters Regimental Association. 


Easter Experience Workshops at St Mary’s


This year the whole school enjoyed the opportunity to visit St Mary’s Church, Crich, to take part in workshops designed to enable the exploration of an Easter theme.   The starting point for our experience was the poem ‘footprints’ and our work continued with a theme of the ‘Journey through life’.   The station designed by Crich Carr focussed on the positive values that are important for our own emotional and spiritual well-being.   All the children worked thoughtfully and made the most of the opportunities for reflection that the various workshops facilitated.  These ‘Experience Days’ at St Mary’s provide invaluable links between the school and church, the whole day being enjoyed and appreciated by both children and adults alike.


A Celebration of Crich Carr’ Service


In the summer 2015, a service was held at St Mary’s, Crich, in acknowledgement of the efforts and achievements of Miss Punchard in her leadership of Crich Carr Church of England Primary School.   The service was very well attended, with only standing room left at the back of the church!   The whole service was filled with laughter and tears aplenty and proved to be an emotional rollercoaster for many who attended.   Past pupils were reunited with old friends, staff and members of the wider school community.  Everybody enjoyed performances made by pupils of the school both past and present, reflecting the ongoing love and importance of music within the school.


Whatstandwell Village Carol Concert


The Village Carol Concert is held in school every year.  It serves as an excellent way of bringing the school and the wider community together in a festive celebration.  This year, children from the school entertained the carollers by singing songs, performing parts of the School Christmas Concert and illustrating the Christmas story with readings from the bible. 


Crich Carr and Whatstandwell Community Trust


In the mid 1990s, Crich Carr School was going through a particularly difficult period.  Pupil numbers were low and there was a real fear that the school might well be closed.  To respond to this threat, the Crich Carr and Whatstandwell Community Trust was established in 1995 to provide urgently needed financial support for our village school. 


Today, things are somewhat different and we are fortunate to have a thriving, outstanding school for our children.  However, in the present financial climate, school budgets are subject to increasing financial pressure.  For example, our funding from DCC for capital projects has been cut by some 80%.   


It is here that the Trust is able to help.  It can help provide the school with some of the ‘extras’ which can make a real difference but are not covered by funding available from Government or the Local Authority.  For example, the Trust has recently purchased two much needed ‘clevertouch’ TVs for the school at a cost of £6k to replace the old, obsolete whiteboards.  These will provide school staff with state of the art, interactive technology to support and significantly enhance the teaching curriculum.   


The Trust is a Registered Charity, supported solely by small, regular donations from parents and friends of the school in the form of Gift Aid (which enables the Trust to receive tax refunds for HM Customs and Excise).   There is no lower limit to Gift Aid giving and regular donations of just £1 per month steadily built up to enable the Trust to continue its work to support our school.


If you feel that you may like to support the school through the Trust, please contact Jackie, our School Clerk.

The Clevertouch TV screens are presented to the school by the Trust.

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