What does the Governing Body do?

As required by law, our school has a Governing Body (GB) whose main purpose is to provide a strategic and policy framework within which the school is run. It is the responsibility of the Headteacher and staff to guide and advise Governors, implement agreed plans and deliver the curriculum.


The GB is:


* Responsible for monitoring and evaluating the school’s effectiveness, for ensuring the school is continually improving and supporting the Headteacher and staff in promoting the interests of the school and its pupils.


* Responsible for raising expectations, being a 'critical friend' to the school and holding it to account. The Governors seek to ensure the school provides the best possible education for its pupils.


* Responsible for the financial management of the school, particularly setting the annual budget and monitoring on-going performance against it.


* Accountable to parents, the Local Authority (LA) and the wider community for its actions and the school’s overall performance.


How is the Governing Body made up?

Our GB comprises of the members as shown below:

4 - Parent Governors elected by Parents:

Julie Page

Helen Easter

2 x Vacancy

1 - Local Authority (LA) Governor appointed by the LA (DCC)

John Moffat

2 - Foundation Governors appointed by the Diocese of Derby

Harold Dobbin

1 vacancy

3 - Co-Opted Governors appointed by the Governing Body

Robin Hallows    rhallows@crichcarr.derbyshire.sch.uk

Sally Newton

Emily Daley

1 - Staff Governor appointed by the Headteacher

Hollie Nicholson


Vicki Holmes

3 - Associate members

Andy Horsley

Elizabeth Allsop

David Smith

It is supported by a Clerk to Governors.

Associate members are appointed by the Governing Body as it deems appropriate, can serve on one or more GB committees and may attend full Governing Body meetings. They are not Governors, but the Governing Body may assign some voting rights in the committees on which they serve.

The role of 'Chair' on our Governing Body operates on an agreed rotating Co-Chairship basis. 


Governors usually have a four year tenure of office.

How does the Governing Body operate?

The GB meets formally twice every term – 6 times per year. Ahead of each meeting, the Clerk to Governors circulates the agenda and all supporting documentation/information to the Governors. All meetings are chaired by one of the Co-Chairs of Governors and are formally minuted by the Clerk to Governors.


The GB has delegated specific responsibilities to the following four Sub-committees which report to it:


  • Finance Committee whose role is to recommend the school’s annual budget to the GB for approval and, on behalf of the GB, monitor on-going performance against it. The Committee is the custodian of the school's 'Financial Regulations and Procedures' and ensures ongoing full compliance with them.  The Chair of this committee is Robin Hallows.                                                                                 

  • Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Committee whose role is to monitor the school’s and pupils’ academic performance against agreed targets. These targets are agreed by the Committee with the Headteacher ahead of the new academic year. The Committee also reviews with the Headteacher all changes to the curriculum.                                                                     The Chair of this committee is Sally Newton.


  • Buildings and Health & Safety Committee whose role is to monitor the state of the school’s buildings and associated facilities and to recommend, as appropriate, action plans to the GB. The Committee manages both on-going routine maintenance work and building related projects on behalf of the GB. In addition, the Committee undertakes an annual Health and Safety and Risk Audit of the school premises, identifies any issues and ensures that plans are in place to address these and are implemented in a timely manner. The Chair of this committee is Andy Horsley.

  • Safeguarding & Well being of Pupils Committee whose role is to assist the Headteacher and the Governing Body in ensuring that the school has in place effective policies and practices in line with statutory and non-statutory advice and guidance concerning the safeguarding and well-being of pupils. The Chair of this committee is John Moffat.

Governor Visits

Over the year, regular school visits by Governors are an important and integral part of the Governing Body's responsibilities. These visits are planned in advance with the Headteacher, with the purpose and findings of each visit documented by the visiting Governor for review and discussion at the subsequent Governing Body meeting. These 'hands-on' visits help to provide Governors with:

  •  A deeper understanding of the school, how it 'works' and is performing.

  • An opportunity to focus on particular elements of the 'School Improvement Plan' to confirm that they are being implemented effectively in practise.

  • The opportunity to talk 'face-to-face' with children, staff, parents and carers and directly hear their views, ideas and concerns.

  • The ability to feedback observations and findings at Governing Body meetings support future decision making.

Parent/Governor meetings

The Governing Body aim to hold a Parent/Governor meeting annually.  

All parents are invited and the date of the meeting is advised well in advance to parents by the Headteacher.


These meetings give the opportunity for the Governors to update parents on developments within the school. In turn, parents are able raise any questions, issues or concerns face-to face with the Governors.