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In this section we collect a range of policies which are held by the school for a range of key practices and circumstances. Although these will not be of interest to all website users, it is important for the school to manage its approach to all key issues governing the operation and management of the school. This ensures that we keep up to date in implementation of the latest thinking and regulations in certain areas and also equally importantly that all stakeholders involved in the school implement the agreed approach in a compliant and consistent manner.


Our governing body operates a committee who oversee the drafting and review of all policies, making sure that the school maintains a proactive approach to considering its position on key matters.


The policies are downloadable on an individual basis in PDF format. Please select the policy you are interested in and download it to your computer or phone to view. If any parents or other stakeholders would like to discuss the contents of any policy or have any related concerns which they wish to express, then we would welcome you to make contact with the school via the contact page to discuss this further.


Downloadable Documents (Please click to download)
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