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We offer full-time Nursery places for 3 and 4 year-olds.

We are very flexible and can structure the nursery week to support your child and you.

School nurseries are fantastic for ensuring that your child is school-ready, and are usually very affordable in comparison to private nursery providers. Please phone 01773 852070 to book a visit now!


Why choose to send your nursery aged child to Crich Carr School?


We are a small rural school with a family ethos set in beautiful surroundings. Academic achievement is valued alongside creative and fun learning. We offer a rich and varied curriculum in a caring and friendly environment. Our early year’s classroom has been designed with the younger age range in mind and is full of stimulating and age-appropriate equipment. Your child will be expertly taught and cared for by our experienced teaching staff and teaching assistants.


What will my child be doing?​

The children will have access to well-planned learning experiences following the Foundation Stage Curriculum and activities linked to the seven areas of learning. We will do this through a topic based approach with a new topic each half term. Our provision offers a variety of play based activities such as construction, sand, water and role play. We have a commitment to outdoor learning at our school so the children will have daily access to our outdoor play areas will planned outdoor learning activities. They will also enjoy forest school sessions in our extensive school grounds, led by qualified forest school staff.


What will my child do at lunchtimes?


The nursery children will be eating their lunch with the rest of the school. You are welcome to purchase a school dinner for them, supplied by DCC. Each term we publish the menus on our website. Alternatively you may send a packed lunch. Once they have finished their lunch they will be looked after by their designated teaching assistant either in the main classroom or over in school house.

How much will it cost if I want hours beyond my statutory entitlement

If you wish to access more hours beyond your child's statutory entitlement, please contact us and we can advise you regarding cost. The cost will be based on the hourly rate of nursery provision set by Derbyshire County Council. We are very flexible and can accommodate most patterns of provision. 

When can my child start at Crich Carr, and when can I receive funding to cover the cost of the sessions?

Your child is eligible for Government funding from the term after their 3rd birthday. For example, if your child turns 3 on the 25th January they are eligible for funding after Easter. Your child can start nursery as soon as they are 3 if you wish, however you will be required to pay for their sessions until they are eligible for funding.

All children are entitled to15 hours per week paid for through government funding. You may be entitled to 30 hours free childcare. Please go to for more information.

When exactly do they get funding?

  • If your child's birthday is 1 January to 31 March - first term eligible is Easter (term five).

  • If your child's birthday is 1 April to 31 August - first term eligible is September (term one).

  • If your child's birthday is 1 September to 31 December - first term eligible is January (term three).

Please feel free to ring and organise a visit to our school.


If you want to apply for a place at our nursery or require any further information, contact Jackie Cooper on 01773 852070 and we will provide you with the necessary forms and guide you through the application process.

A copy of the application form is available for download using the button below.

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