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What is Music?

Music is an expression of art through exploring sound.


What is our vision for music at Crich Carr? 

Our vision for music is to develop an enjoyment of music and to provide opportunities for children to express themselves. We aim for the children to stay in time with music when performing, increase self-confidence, develop an appreciation for music and to become critical thinkers as well as nurture creativity and understand how music is created. 


Music Curriculum Intent

At Crich Carr, we aim:

  1. To confidently sing a range of complex songs to an audience.

  2. To move, clap and perform in rhythm.

  3. To perform solo and in groups with increasing confidence, expression and level of skill.

  4. Listen and evaluate a range of music.

  5. Compose music for a range of purposes, using and reading musical notations.


In order to achieve this, we have developed our curriculum intent under four broad headings that we hope to deliver through the music curriculum. These are:

  1. Singing. 

  2. Rhythm.  

  3. Performing. 

  4. Listening. 

  5. Composing. 


To plan and deliver our lessons effectively we use the Charanga music scheme to support our intent and implementation and to aid us in assessing the impact.

Charanga is a popular and comprehensive scheme that delivers our curriculum in an engaging and enjoyable way.

Please ask us if you would like to see a sample of our planning for this subject.

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