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British values are central to the life of our school, they shape everything we do. In June, we held a special day where we focussed on these values by taking part in a number of cooperative activities in mixed aged groups.

Individual Liberty and Democracy

Children were organised into 2 teams for a debate.  Each child  shared their opinions and listened carefully to the thoughts of other children.

Mutual Respect

The children played co-operative games with an emphasis on listening to every member of the team, respecting the different ideas and points of view.

Respect for Other Faiths

After their studying Islam earlier in the year and visiting the local mosque, the children made Islamic prayer mats out of found materials.

Rule of the Law

The children discussed our school rules and values then created a display using handprints to demonstrate both our Christian values and British Values.

Mutual respect

After a discussion about multi-cultural Britain, the children created playground art celebrating the wonderful diversity of British society,

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