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The Department for Education defines the Pupil Premium as ‘additional funding for publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peer’s’. 

We are required to publish details of how our school spends its Pupil Premium and the effect this has had on the attainment of pupils who attract the funding.


Due to the small number of Pupils at the School and those receiving Pupil Premium funding, we keep our information on the website more general so that individual children cannot be identified.

For 2015/16, we have received a total Pupil Premium allocation of £10,980.

This additional funding was used in a variety of ways after individual discussions between the Head teacher and the parents/guardians of the eligible pupils. 


This included -

  1. Specialist dyslexia teaching and additional TA support. 

  2. One-to-one weekly lessons with a specialist SEN teacher. 

  3. Offsite provision of specialist support from the IPT team.

  4. Small group intervention with a TA.

  5. Music lessons.

  6. Purchasing and training in the Numicon Breaking Barriers Maths intervention.


This helped in a variety of ways -

  1. Improving self- esteem.

  2. Providing good quality off site education and integration back into school.

  3. Improving the progress made by children.


In 2016/2017 we received a total pupil premium allocation of £10980.

This was used for:

  1. Specialist ‘Catch Up’ English training.

  2. Music lessons.

  3. One-to-one and small group weekly booster teaching from a teacher.

  4. Small group maths intervention.

  5. Purchasing of resources, specifically reading books related to ‘Catch up’ English.


This continued to help in a variety of ways –

  1. Improving the reading age of children.

  2. Improving children’s confidence related to reading.

  3. Providing children with good basis maths skills, particularly in the four operations and times tables in preparation for Secondary School.

  4. Enabling opportunities in music.


In 2017/18 we have received a total pupil premium allocation of £4840

This will be used for:

  1. Music lessons.

  2. Support with School trips/residentials.

  3. Purchasing of extra reading resources to challenge more able readers.


This continued to help in a variety of ways –

  1. Enabling all children to access extra-curricular activities.

  2. Providing wider opportunities for all particularly in music.

  3. Improving confidence and self-worth.

  4. Providing a variety of reading material to interest all children and provide the correct level of challenge.