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Curriculum Intent


Our PE curriculum aims to inspire all children to be active, show resilience and determination to learn new skills and enhance prior learning. We provide a safe and supportive environment which provides them with the opportunity to be successful in a range of physical activities.


At Crich Carr, we teach key essential skills such as teamwork and leadership and our PE curriculum provides opportunities to further develop these skills. We encourage children to take part in the competition element of sport and to develop their understanding of the importance of sportsmanship and fair play.


Our curriculum is inclusive and supports all children in developing confidence in physical activity to support their health and fitness. We encourage pupils to develop their understanding of the way in which they can use their body, equipment, and apparatus safely, imaginatively, and effectively.


Our PE curriculum teaches children about the importance of physical activity as part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It also supports children in understanding how physical activity can impact positively on emotional wellbeing.



Our PE curriculum follows a scheme of work from Get Set 4 PE which is aligned to the National Curriculum. The scheme of work supports a clear and sequenced progression of skills and knowledge, both within each year group and across the key stages. Children take part in weekly PE lessons in a wide range of sporting activities. 


Weekly Swimming lessons are provided for all children in Y2 – 6 by qualified swimming teachers to support children in being able to confidently swim a distance of at least 25 metres as well as learning about the importance of water safety.   


All children have the opportunity to take part in intra and extra-curricular sports festivals and competitions organised by school as well as the School Sports Partnership.  Pupils in Year 6, complete the Bikeability programme and also take part in Junior Sports Leader training which enables them to confidently organise and deliver a range games and physical activities for younger children within the school during lunchtimes.



Pupils will:

  • Enjoy their learning in PE and have high expectations of themselves to achieve their best.

  • Learn and develop new skills and work hard to master those shown to them.

  • Develop an understanding of a range of sports and fitness activities.

  • Learn the importance of taking care of their physical and mental health.

  • Learn how to show good sportsmanship and encourage others to do well.

  • Learn how to work collaboratively and individually.

  • Use a range of PE vocabulary correctly.

  • Develop their competences in using a wide range of sports equipment.

  • Take responsibility for their own health and fitness.

  • Learn to reflect on their progress towards mastering key skills in PE.

  • Be provided with the opportunity to take part in intra and extra-curricular activities.

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