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Crich Carr Plays a Role in the Creation of a New Church of England Secondary School
Feb 2016

Earlier last year, parents were asked if they would welcome a Church of England Secondary School as an option for their child’s next move when they left primary school. The Derby Diocese had informed us that that there were none in Derbyshire, whilst there were actually seven in neighbouring Nottinghamshire and that they would be interested in testing local opinion.


We duly carried out a simple survey at Crich Carr which indicated that there was indeed a lot of parental interest in this. The results were presented to the Diocese and they were very taken with the exercise we had carried out. So it was with some satisfaction that we received the press release attached below.


On speaking subsequently to the Diocese, we understand that this first proposed school, in Derby, had pretty much been given the green light and that others may well follow in the future. Of course this won’t be of benefit for parents in our local area just now but could well be an option down the line for those that wish to see the Christian ethos well to the fore at Secondary level.


It was also a brilliant example of how the views of parents in a little village school like Crich Carr could actually kick start such a process.


Peter Yates

Foundation Governor