Welcome to Class 2’s Home Learning Page!


                                                                                     Below you’ll find details of activities that you can complete at home and 

                                                                                     links to useful websites and resources.


                                                                                     I will post some activities every day that generally follow our timetable. 

                                                                                                 Hopefully, this will provide structure for those who require it. 


                                                                                                         When completing worksheets you do have a choice – you can

                                                                                                     print the sheet off and fill it in; write the answers out on paper; or

sometimes, especially in maths, you may just be able to discuss the answers!


I have absolutely loved seeing all of things that you’ve been working on at home – please don’t stop joining in with daily challenges and other fun stuff that you’ve been doing!


Mrs Smithurst


PARENTS PLEASE NOTE - it is becoming increasingly apparent that there is a vast difference in the situations that our families are finding themselves in.  Please be aware that for some of you, working with your child at home will be relatively easy and naturally, you will be looking for lots of activities to do.  Conversely, there will be parents who are working from home and will struggle to fit in Home Learning alongside their work commitments.  As you can imagine it is extremely hard to know where to pitch the amount of work that we post, all that we can do is give a guide for what we think is a reasonable amount to cover.  PLEASE don’t feel that you have to keep to the timetable given, or complete all the activities, just try and have a go at all you can.  


If you want to share what your children have been doing, or have any questions, you can get in touch on WhatsApp (School or Class 2 group, or me privately), email me – angies6@crichcarr.derbyshire.sch.uk, or for more general enquiries contact Mrs Cooper – info@crichcarr.derbyshire.sch.uk

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