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What is Computing?

Computing is any activity that uses computers to manage, process, and communicate information.  In order to help their understanding, we tell our pupils that:

Computing is about using technology to make things easier, better and quicker.


What is the vision for computing at Crich Carr?

The vision for computing is to ensure that every child leaves our school with a wide range of knowledge about how computing systems work and how they can be used to make life easier, better or quicker.  We want to make sure the children are ready for the computing curriculum at secondary school and for life beyond school. We are also determined to ensure that children know how to use technology safely and responsibly. Finally, the vision is for children to have a positive and fun experience during computing lessons at school. 


Computing Curriculum Intent

At Crich Carr CofE Primary School, we have five main intents that we hope to deliver through our computing curriculum:

  1. To use computational thinking in designing, writing and debugging programs.

  2. To have a thorough knowledge of online safety which equips them for life.

  3. To use search technologies effectively.

  4. To safely produce and consume digital literacy.

  5. Use information technology purposefully to be able to present and communicate work using a variety of software to design and create a range of outcomes suitable for the purpose and audience.


We use Teach Computing plans and adapt them to fit our curriculum. We make sure that the children have the opportunity to revisit skills in the wider curriculum to help embed knowledge and skills and apply these to the real world.  


Here are our curriculum plans. You can access more detailed plans from the Teach Computing links.

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