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What is Science?

Science is making sense of, and being curious about, the world around us - including living and non-living things.


What is our vision for Science at Crich Carr?

Our vision for science is to ensure that every child leaves our school being inquisitive and curious about the world around them and with a respect for living and non-living things. She wants to make sure they are ready for the science curriculum at secondary school and for life beyond school. The subject leader is also determined to ensure that children are well informed to be aware of the consequences of their lives on the environment in which they live. Finally, the vision is for children to have purposeful, investigation-led and engaging science lessons within every unit of work at school.


Science Curriculum Intent

At Crich Carr, we have five main intents that we hope to deliver through our science curriculum:

  1. Ask scientific questions and gain curiosity about the world.

  2. To work scientifically – making predictions, planning and carrying out fair tests, presenting results and drawing conclusions.

  3. To have a growing knowledge about the work of key scientists and the fields they worked in.

  4. To gain and apply statistical knowledge when presenting data.

  5. Have a secure knowledge of the primary curriculum (including biology, chemistry and physics).

In order to achieve this, we have developed our curriculum intent under three main headings:

Working Scientifically - This covers the disciplinary knowledge that children need to be good scientists. The objectives are taken from the 'Working Scientifically' section of the Science National Curriculum and are planned to be embedded within science units and investigations.

Knowledge of Scientists

This ranges from knowing what a scientist is and what they do in class one to knowing the names and work of scientists linked to specific areas of learning in science. We try to select scientists to promote diversity in the field of science and challenge stereotypes.

Statistics - 

These are links taken from the National Curriculum for Maths and is purposefully planned to ensure children have the opportunity to make connections between science and maths, particularly through investigations.


Our curriculum intent document for science (see below) shows how these areas are developed progressively during a pupil's time at Crich Carr. We are confident that our intent will encourage children to be curious about the world around them and prepare them for science learning at Key Stage 3 and beyond. 

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