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Harmony Group


Crich Carr Harmony Group gave its first performance 18 years ago at Christmas in 1997 when a group of our children, helped by three adults, sang a carol in three-part harmony at the village carol concert.  That provided the incentive to teach the children more songs.  Since then, the group has gone from strength to strength.


All children can join the Harmony Group which contributes so much to the life of the school in the following ways:


  • Through singing, it offers all its members the opportunity to develop their confidence and creativity.  They learn to listen to and understand music whilst ‘showcasing’ their ever-growing skills in front of a range of audiences.


  • Family and friends delight in seeing the children perform and develop.


  • Many members of the wider community benefit greatly from listening to the Harmony Group.  For example, at Christmastime, the group visits the Day Centre at Babington Hospital.   The children sing songs to a collection of people who clearly get an 'emotional pick-me-up' from the whole experience!  At events such as this, after singing, the children mingle and socialise with their audience, which not only helps build their confidence and social skills but adds significantly to the enjoyment of their ‘listeners’.


The children have also sung with locally renowned choirs such as the Dalesmen Male Voice Choir and the Fishpond Choir.   Over the years, they have entertained audiences at the Winding Wheel, Chesterfield, Lea Gardens, St Peter's Church, Belper and Florence Nightingale Hall in Holloway.


The Harmony Group would, under normal circumstances, practice once a week for one hour but due to COVID 19 no Harmony Group practices are taking place. We will resume our normal weekly practice as soon as it is safe to do so.


Our Harmony Group and currently comprises about 13 children of all ages across the school.

The Harmony Group has, in the past, sung at:


Lea Gardens Music Day


Babington Hospital Day Centre


Alderwasley Church Christmas Carol Service


Whatstandwell Village Carol Concert


St Mary’s Church, Crich.


Since it was formed, more than 100 children have performed with the Harmony Group and we are pleased to note that some have carried on singing after leaving the school - even taking up a singing professionally!





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